The choice of racing bicycles, mountain bikes and cyclo riders today is very large. Often there is a bike in which almost all the way to your needs. But just not 100% is sufficient because the color, the design or the proverbial is not quite like it.
That is why the Apex Customize Program developed.

This allows you to the bike ‘a la Carte’rebuilding. First of all is working with you a model and a custom frame sorted out. Then there is one of the most enjoyable aspects, discussion of the color and the design of the bike. How do you have painted the frame, he must matte or glossy and where should the color accents. Should settle almost everything is possible. Because we operate our own bodyshop have are the lines short and we can give you wish by our professional injectors. It allows us to ensure the quality. If the color and design are determined than is the turn of the proverbial. Of course we look not only to the group, but also to the length of the saddle and stem and the width of the steering wheel. The wheels also determine for a large part the appearance of your bike, since we spend so much attention.

If this is all determined than we go to the stroke. When the cycle has finished and you will pick him, than the bike is fully adjusted to size. Correct the ratios; state the saddle is not too high or too low, the shoe plates properly in combination with the pedals etc. All this as well as possible to achieve attitude, so you get the best from yourself and the bike.