Over Apex

At Apex we build not just cycling; we create them!

The special feature of Apex is that all frames in their own management designed, developed and tested. This ensures that no bike the door from where we do not fully support and we can offer bicycles with a very good price-quality ratio. That our products have the performance and valued be evident from the fact that they are very good from the test of among others Bike Freak magazine, bike and the feedback we receive from our customers. Also have several Dutch cyclists, mountain bikers and cyclocross toppers their way to Apex. On the way to high performance they can always count on their Apex. Apex bikes are known for their good balance between stiffness, comfort and design. In addition to our bikes be customized, almost all designs, colors and afmontages are possible. You dream for many years of a particular design/color racing bicycle or mountain bike, Apex offers outcome.

Our many years of experience and passion for the bike can we build your ultimate bike. Now only make a choice…